We are happy to welcome Andrjei Cichocki to join AIST 2017 with a talk on Tensor Networks and Deep Learning.

Prof. Cichocki is a world-leading scientist in the area of artificial intelligence and biomedical applications of advanced data analytics technologies and has an outstanding international recognition. Prof Cichocki serves as a Senior Team Leader and Head of the Laboratory for Advanced Brain Signal Processing at RIKEN Brain Science Institute, the leading research organization in Japanand also holds a position of Visiting Professor in several universities in Japan and in the Systems Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Science.

Professor Cichocki is a holder of numerous patents and developments and author of frequently cited and well-known publications and 5 monographs in English. According to Scopus, he has h-index 52 with more than 11300 citations and according to Google Scholar he has h-index 76 with more than 31000 citations. Professor Cichocki is a winner of numerous awards and prizes for his scientific achievements, awards for best conference presentations and best journal publications, e.g., recently  presented work in the ICONIP (2015 –published in LNCS-Springer) and  journal papers published in Entropy (2014 and 2015).

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