We have recieved many questions regarding the poster session, and how speakers get ready to it. Here is how it will be.

The poster session will take place in a separate room on Friday, July 28.

All speakers should make an A1-sized poster, or several A3, or present with a laptop or any other means. Still, A1 seems to be most convenient.

Every speaker will have a place on a wall to hang his poster and one minute of time to present. All presentations will come one by one in a limited period of time, after which speakers will return to their posters, while other participants will be able to come to posters they are interested in and discuss with the speaker.


We highly recommend that all presentation materials are prepared in English, as we have a number of non-Russian-speaking participants.  However, in expaination you are free to use language that is most convenient as long as all your listeners understand it.